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Monday, September 6, 2010

links and the objectives and the screenshot of the final output

here are the links and their objectives :

1) "Home" to create the right atmosphere for the viewer from the start
where the links are in a logical order ( according to the usual human need )
and the slide show creates interest for the viewer to go deeper and to want to know more about the pictures within .

2) "About" is a common link in almost every site , where its gives a brief about the intentions of the site and means of communication if inquires were needed .

3) "Activity" in this link the viewer will browse about what would he be able to do in Langkawi ! and where ! wither its a sport to practice or a hobby to learn ! or even places to visit or experiences to try ! and its all to create the curiosity in the viewer and to inform him/her about the exciting life in the island .

4) "Hotels" within this link are the places that offer the accommodative services for the tourists and visitors of the island and brief description about each hotel , not only that but the luxury of this page extends to talk and the different types of spas that are available .

5) "Market" no one likes to come back without a souvenir , and thats where u read about the market and the quality of the different products that are being sold .

6) " Attractions " a link to link the viewer to the beauty that is waiting for him/her , with some pictures and brief description of these attractions ...all the links have the same purpose in the end , to get the viewer attached to the island and to get him/her to make a decision to visit , and by that we achieve the ultimate purpose of the site , which is increasing the tourism in Malaysia

in the side we can view the final output of the site .

use of tools 3

here we show the following :

1) preparing the tables and arranging them

2 ) with some help from youtube , we correct the CSS code errors and make style sheets with it CSS

3) and the third picture shows how we arranged the boxes in the site

and these steps have been conducted to the other pages too .

use of tools 2

using flash to prepare the slide show :

1) the picture here shows the pictures after being imported to the library to be resized and put in the right place with the background

2 ) and the other picture illustrates the new frames and creating the slide show after inserting the key frames

use of tools 1

in the pictures we show the following steps :
1) drawing the lines using Photoshop
2) using the brush and shapes
3) and finally brush , shapes and the text layer

to prepare it for the next step !

p.s : the order of the pictures is from bottom to the top .

Our second physical meeting , change in direction and flow charts

the meeting took place in the FOM Cafeteria at the evening time of the 25th of august 2010 !

and we have had a discussion where we have decided to change the direction of our plan and work in a different way . we have not changed our logistics but we changed duties ! and made it an overall contribution site ! all 5 members met and worked together to produce each and every page, since we believed that someone's weakness can be someone's else peek of power !

the site map took its first shape then !
the main page will have the following in it :
1) photos that are edited in photoshop some not all
2) a flash animation or slideshow .
3) links to the following pages ( Home , about , activity , hotels , market and attractions )
4) each link will have the valuable info and help that this browser deserves from the site
5) the site in total should as professional as we could carry it out .

and ofcourse the flow chart for GUI ( graphical user interface ) should be easy to understand and handle without any extra experience in internet browsing .

flowcharts from the main site to the links , from the links to each other and back to the main page are explained in the figures to the side

Target market , reference

for the purpose of correcting our last post , we are specifying our target market to be from the middle east and without an age range , and from all segments of the society , wither single or in families ,they all come for more than one purpose but they all spare sometime for the same purpose which is relaxing in the tropical islands of Malaysia , and enjoying the lovely nature .

countries of target for the purpose of highlighting not of specifying are : Saudi Arabia , Iran and the UAE as shown in the figure to the side .

and this site is for reference

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Objective , Plan and Target audience .

The objective of our linked site is to provide both advice and temptation for potential tourists in order to attract them to take action and visit the wonderful island of Langkawi.
Our brief description on the idea and the plan in mind for the site , is to work on building a large date base of [ information , pictures and videos ] that should cover all different aspects of the island . and here is one visual example of what we have in mind for now . this step will enable us to plug and play the website later on , right after we are done configuring the site map properly .
our site will mainly cover the following aspects :
1- what tourists should know about Langkawi . ( will be covered by Mr. Arash Sanatizadeh )
2-Activities to do in Langkawi alone with practiced sports .(will be covered by Mr.Amir Hamzeloo and by Mr.Amir Khosro Moobaraki )
3- Hot spas and hotels . ( will be covered by Mr.Sayed Mohammad Hossein Sajadi Nayeri )
4-How to get to Langkawi and What are the possible ways of getting around the island in terms of transportation . ( will be covered by Mr. Hazem Bukhari )
5- Shopping and Markets around the most visited areas . ( will be covered by Mr.Hazem Bukhari )
* the references that will be used in our information gathering journey will be taken from the following sources : ( , , a book called Malaysia Key Performance Indicators 2008 , and also our personal investigations )
*Finally our target audience will consist of men and women from around the world , age range from [18-45], employed and from the wealthy segment of their country, wether sinlg or in groups of their own families ,who are also looking for either an adventures trip , a relaxing get a way , or just a fine tropical holiday, we will have a special attention on people from the middle east region, education level should be high to enable them to view and navigate the site in english , not to mention we will also add the google translator feature for their aid . the site will be user friendly and easy to access and navigate , with a bit of tropical beach flavor to spice it up .
please guide us to get in line with other groups .
thank you .